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Hi Everyone! We are Ursula and Fernando, and this is our Sweet Story.

It all started with a wife who loves to bake and a husband who loves to travel. In 2019, Ursula started baking custom cakes for friends and family. After an amazing family trip to Peru, the course of our bakery changed forever.
"We returned only to find ourselves craving the unique pastries and exotic fruits found only in Latin American Countries," ~Fernando
It became our mission to share our passion for the pastries and flavors of our culture with those around us.

In 2021, our life took a couple unexpected turns. We were blessed with a pregnancy and Fernando had an impending deployment scheduled. Needless to say, we needed help.
"What my family did is truly priceless and no amount of words will ever describe how grateful I feel." ~Ursula
Family came from far and wide to keep our dream going through the birth of our baby girl and what felt like a never-ending deployment.

Today, we are not just Ursula and Fernando's Sweet Story Company. We are a veteran-owned small business. We are a bakery with a passion for introducing our culture to others through our pastries. We are a support system, a team, a family, who are inviting you to make us a part of your
Sweet Story.

Much Love, Ursula and Fernando

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